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Safety From Cyber Hacker

Resilience in the face of long term widespread power and communication outages

IAN offers exclusive products and services to help you prepare for any prolonged interruption of services and infrastructure at your business, public facility, or utility. We understand that planning is critical, and preparedness will provide peace of mind. Let us help you operate autonomously or in island-mode when nation wide systems collapse. We can also assist your supply chain to do the same so together you will be able to persist as a resilient archipelago of islands. 

Expedited SBIR Phase III Products

Resilient Adaptive Modular Microgrid Systems (RAMMS, RAMS)™

EM-Protected Resilient Adaptive Modular Microgrid Systems (RAMMS, RAMS)™ are deployed and rely on local operational inputs for island mode operation. A protected out-of-band (OoB) Management Network within the micro grid can also connect the islands to form an Archipelago™ for coordinated operational and situational awareness.

Water, Air, Gas, Electric, and Steam

EMP-Protected Mobile Command Center

This 32-foot mobile command center was independently tested to military standard 188.125 at 140 dB. It is 1000 times the DoD shielding requirement, yet light enough to be pulled by a Sierra 3500 pick-up truck.

Couple Standing with Mobile Van

EMP-Protected Pods for Microgrids, Networks & Control Centers

These EMP-protected pods exceed military standards and are useful for microgrids, data centers, networks, and control centers. Tested configurations include solar power capability, wind turbines, and diesel generators. Contact IAN today for additional details.

Solar Panel and Wind Turbine



IAN can assess your operational preparedness for threat safety. Whether evaluating new construction or current infrastructure, IAN and its partners can provide complete evaluations of microgrid requirements, network management, and critical infrastructure. We protect you from threats ranging from electromagnetic pulse to cyber-intrusion. IAN design professionals have worked with hospitals, National Guard bases, telecommunications networks, and command/control systems all that are among vulnerable facilities across the country.

Strategic Planning

Let us provide you with a broad range of strategic and technical planning for infrastructure development. We serve government and private sector enterprises.

Funding Strategies for Microgrids

IAN and partners are active in the assessment of microgrid needs that can lead to fully funded microgrids and their loads, capable of operating in island-mode or autonomously. We offer up-front funding for projects up to $1B each that can be paid back in monthly or annual payments, most of which can come from savings you'll realize in current expenditures.

Additional Information

Contact us today for precise information about your facility. Learn more about our products and services.

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